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The Necto Systems was founded to provide software solutions

Python language is our main language since 2006


Necto Systems have taken part in different areas of large projects, developing solutions of pieces of software that support complex processes with data engineering and DataScience

Since foundation Necto has providing support to the digital transformation of the processes of our clients

In our team we count with specialists on Python, Django, Web development and data Analytics.

Knowledge is only valuable when it is shared.

An important characteristic of our company is the dissemination of knowledge.

From time to time we promote in house and external events that stimulate our personnel to change experiences.

We have actively participated in the IT community of the São Jose dos Campos Technological Park (Parque Tecnológico de Sao José dos Campos), known as TIC Vale, held workshops in universities of the region, as well as in Python community events.

We rely on our partners that give us confidence to go on in our journey and help us keep the quality of our projects.

Data Misfits


Python Pro

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  • 2004 - ZNC Sistemas founded to provide software solutions
  • 2005 - Python has become the main language for our projects
  • 2006 - Django web framework become the main tool for web projects
  • 2007 - Our first big customer environment market
  • 2010 - Firsts non partners employees
  • 2011 - ZNC Sistemas Become partner and move on "Parque Tecnologico de Sao José dos Campos"
  • 2012 - We create a Land Management System for Brazilian Federal Gov.
  • 2015 - Our first International customer
  • 2016 - ZNC Sistemas rebrand, we become Necto Systems
  • 2020 - the biggest Dev Team so far ! Our team has now about 15 developers, some with more than 10 years of Python experice.
  • 2020 - We left "Parque Tecnologico de Sao José dos Campos"

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